i have a 17 3/4"...

Sep 09, 2017. 20:38 UTC
 I have a 17 3/4"...
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I have a 17 3/4" x 50 1/2" Japanese hand painted on silk. It is still wrapped in the original paper. I have opened it probably three times since it's been in my possession. I have never displayed it. There is not a wrinkle or a fold in it. The colors are vivid as if it was just painted. There is a bird and flower and looks like a dock side scenery. On the right bottom it has been signed in Japanese.


My uncle was stationed in Japan during World War II. He brought this home and gave it to my mother as a gift. I wasn't born yet, but as an adult she gave it to me. She had never displayed it and I never displayed it.

$200 - $300 (United States Dollar)
Answered within 4 days
Sep 13, 20:14 UTC
By Merlyn Haunstrup-Clemmensen

Dear seller,
What a beautiful painting and the color is so sharp. It is from around 1930s and Japanese. Even the quality is very high Japanese things is not that popular than chinese things.

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