Hugo fisher watercolor

Mar 27, 2018. 21:21 UTC
Hugo Fisher Watercolor
United States of America


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Watercolor painting signed by Hugo Anton Fisher


Grandmother gifted

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Mar 27, 21:27 UTC
By Erin-Marie Wallace
The specialist needs more information

Hello Jennifer - My name is Erin-Marie and I'll be assisting you in evaluating your Fisher watercolor painting. Would you mind uploading at least one, clear image of the painting and letting me know the dimensions?

Thank you and I look forward to assisting you!


Jennifer wright Mar 27, 21:37 UTC

I can not get good quality picture because of glass glare...

Erin-marie wallace Mar 27, 21:40 UTC

Jennifer, this is perfect! I've actually appraised his work before so I'm quite familiar with it. Now let me know the dimensions of the part of the painting you can see, this is called the "sight size". With that information, I'll be able to complete this appraisal for you.



Jennifer wright Mar 27, 21:57 UTC

21 1/2 x

Erin-marie wallace Mar 27, 21:58 UTC

Thank you! I'm researching it right now and will return momentarily with your evaluation.



Jennifer wright Mar 27, 21:59 UTC

14 1/2....

Thank you! It's hung for most of my life in our home in the San Francisco Bay Area - close to Bodega Bay where I understand he lived for a time...

Erin-marie wallace Mar 27, 22:06 UTC

Dear Jennifer - Hugh Anton Fisher (1854-1916) was a prolific artist, it seems that he could paint anything and is well respected for it. In general his winter scenes command the highest prices. Your piece is composed of watercolor and gouache (an opaque water-based medium) on paper and while I can't see all of the frame, it wouldn't surprise me if it is of the same age as the painting.
At auction, similar sized paintings by Fisher depicting snow scenes depicting some sort of farm animal are currently selling between $225USD on the worst of days to $500USD on the best.
If you have any follow-up questions about this evaluation, I am happy to answer them.

Most Sincerely,


Jennifer wright Mar 27, 22:22 UTC

Thank you!

Erin-marie wallace Mar 27, 22:23 UTC

You are quite welcome, it is my pleasure.

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