Han dynasty pottery container

Feb 10, 2020. 19:44 UTC
Han Dynasty Pottery Container
United States of America

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Purchased from Noori's Collection in Aspen, CO a few years ago where they provided an appraisal that stated it was from the Han Dynasty time period and valued at approx. $3000-5000. About 14 inches tall and 7 inches in diameter at the thickest point and 5in at the base. No major chipping or any cracks.


Purchased from Noori's Collection in Aspen, CO a few years ago where they stated that it was purchased while on a buying trip to Afghanistan, Mongolia, Tibet and eastern China in the 1970s or 1980s.

Answered within 1 day
Feb 12, 06:45 UTC
By s.k. Breider

Fair Market Value

€100 - €200 EUR

Insurance Value

€300 EUR
What does this mean?

Dear Benjamin,

I think your vase is not from the Han dynasty but a later copy. Colors and the old age characteristics are not what I would like to see. Having said that; it is very hard to evaluate this type of unglazed wares from picture. If you want to be sure I would recommend a TL test. Not cheap but if your pot is an original one it wil add to the value and the test is paid.. Nevertheless if I had this pot in my possession I think I would not spend that money. I will make this evaluation Conditional since I can never be 100 % sure. Conditions were the pot was buried / stored can make a difference in what you see. My valuation for now it a for a decorative Han dynasty look a like pot.

This is a conditional appraisal, which means that we have not verified the authenticity of this item. Click here to learn more about the authentication resources that Mearto offers.
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