Gucci lady lock bag

Oct 27, 2019. 03:17 UTC
gucci lady lock bag
United States of America

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Black bag with standard handle (not bamboo) with attached key to the lock. It has many scratches on the outside. It has a red interior.


I have no information on previous owner

Answered within about 9 hours
Oct 27, 12:08 UTC
By Grace Harlow
Presumably not genuine

Thank you--I appreciate the additional information and images.

After examining the photographs and information provided, Mearto specialists have concluded that the subject work is a counterfeit Gucci Padlock Top Handle handbag. There are several incorrect and/or missing essential elements detailed below that allowed specialists to establish this opinion.

Authentic Gucci Padlock Top Handle bags typically appear quite stiff with a definitive box-like shape. The appraised handbag appears quite limp with multiple creases visible in the leather. Additionally, the stitching visible on the customer's bag is a different color than the leather body, which is inconsistent with authentic handbags, where the stitching matches the color of the leather.

On the gold-tone front padlock, authentic bags feature the engraved logo centered at the top of the closure at front-flap rather than off-center to the right, as seen in the appraised bag. Gucci Padlock handbags will include keys and a tonal leather clochette with the Gucci logo embossed on the surface. Based on photographs provided, the clochette does not appear to be embossed on the customer's bag. Authentic handbags feature a single top handle with gold-tone rounded hardware rather than square-shaped, as it appears in the appraised bag. And finally, the bag's verso should have a slip pocket and not include a gold-tone metal hardware with the engraved Gucci logo.

In addition to the list above, the appraised handbag's provenance, or history of ownership, could not be identified or confirmed, which also suggests that this handbag is not authentic.

Gucci handbags are some of the most coveted luxury goods on the market. Authentic bags retail for large sums and can be shrewd investment pieces, in some cases consigned for more than their original price. Given the status of Gucci handbags as sought-after luxury accessories, they are widely counterfeited.

Auction houses that consign luxury items like Gucci handbags will only accept bags that can be fully authenticated, through a physical examination and by establishing a clear ownership chain. Therefore, there is no viable auction (secondary) market for counterfeit bags like the subject work.

I hope explanation is helpful, and please let me know if you have any questions.

All Best,

Melinda wilson Oct 28, 00:02 UTC

I'm not sure if my message was sent, so the serial numbers are: 000.0857, 001364. I also added a picture of it. Thanks!

Melinda wilson Oct 28, 03:20 UTC

I had a feeling it was counterfeit. I'm no expert, but what seemed different to me was the front flap: mine is straight and all the others I saw online were scalloped. Thank you very much for your expertise!

Grace harlow Oct 28, 10:00 UTC

Happy to help!

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