Greatest baseball players

Sep 16, 2018. 23:28 UTC
Greatest Baseball Players
United States of America

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For sale

Copyright 1953 by Tom Meany, 14 signatures in the book, light damage but in good condition,


Salvation Army store in Virginia Beach, VA

$50 - $100 (United States Dollar)
Answered within 1 day
Sep 18, 02:38 UTC
By Corey

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry.

You have a an autographed baseball book and while it is a great thrift shop find, unfortunately, it doesn't have great value on the fair market. It is missing some of the big names in baseball that collectors seek and as such, I have assigned it a modest auction value. I would suggest selling it on an online platform, to reach the most collectors and the items fullest potential.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions. I'm happy to help.

Mark stambaugh Sep 18, 13:46 UTC

Thank you! Do you know where I can get the signatures authenticated? I believe 2 of the signatures to be Ted Williams (Red Sox) and Joe Dimaggio (Yankees). Thank you for your help.

Corey Sep 18, 13:55 UTC

Can you upload photos of those individual signatures for me to review?

Mark stambaugh Sep 18, 14:09 UTC

Just uploaded the 2 pictures. Thank You!

Mark stambaugh Sep 18, 22:36 UTC

I think some of the other signatures are Ken Mcmullen, Jim Hannan, James Lefebvre, Wayne Terwilliger, Rod Adam's, Willie Crawford, Rod Poteete.

Corey Sep 18, 23:07 UTC

I don't see Joe DiMaggio's signature. Ted Williams appears authentic and is the most valuable in the book. I would suspect most, if not all, signatures are authentic. This was likely a cherished book by someone, who diligently collected these autographs. That said, I still believe the book and signatures to be under $100 on the auction market and would suggest selling on Ebay.

Mark stambaugh Sep 19, 01:32 UTC

Thank you for the information, is there a certificate to help sell or something like that?

Corey Sep 19, 04:17 UTC

I don't think that you need to go to the trouble to get anything certified or authenticated. You won't see a return to make it worth it. A collector will be able to decipher that the signatures look authentic. A book such as this is not something usually forged, unlike say, a baseball or baseball card.

Mark stambaugh Sep 19, 12:04 UTC

Understood, thank you.

Mark stambaugh Sep 19, 12:12 UTC

Just curious, how much would it cost or how would I go about getting one?

Corey Sep 21, 04:22 UTC

I'm not sure how to go about getting a certificate. Typically, such "authenticity" certificates hold little to no value and are simply someone's opinion. I have never sought an authenticity certificate when selling something at auction, and have participated in selling over 100,000 items at auction, so that might give you an idea of the value of such a certificate. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

Mark stambaugh Sep 21, 11:55 UTC

No thank you, you have been a lot of help!

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