Grandfather clock

Dec 12, 2017. 20:21 UTC
Grandfather clock

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French antique country


France (Alsace)

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Dec 21, 15:18 UTC
By Nora Curl

Fair Market Value

$2,470 - $4,225 AUD

Insurance Value

$6,695 AUD
What does this mean?

This an antique, mid 19th century, circa 1850, French 'morbier' tall case clock with the face signed Conry a Louhans. A morbier clock is a 'provincial' clock. The descriptive name morbier is derived from the French region of the same name. In the late 18th century throughout the 19th and to the beginning of WWI in 1914, the agricultural and farming people of Morbier would construct clock movement parts during the winter months which were then sold for assembly to clock proprietors. The overall shape of your clock is influenced by Swedish Mora clocks. The estimate is based on actual past auction sales of comparable morbier Conry tall case clocks.

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