Goddess lakshimi made of sea sand

Jun 30, 2020. 16:21 UTC
Goddess lakshimi made of sea sand
United States of America

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Lakishimi statue a over foot tall in excellent condition made of sea sand


Got it from estate sale. The owners went to India 2 years before

Answered within 3 days
Jul 03, 10:18 UTC
By s.k. Breider

Fair Market Value

€300 - €500 EUR

Insurance Value

€800 EUR
What does this mean?

Dear Alexis,

What you have here is a sandstone statue from India. Not sure wether it is Lakshmi or other figure from Hindu culture. These sandstone statues are of course very soft. In outside conditions they can rapidly become ''old'' . Therefor its not easy to tell the age of the statue. Normally when bought in recent times, you are not allowed to export ancient artifacts from India which makes me believe that is rather unlikely its an real antique statue. Also the absence of patin on the statue makes me believe it is not very old. Nevertheless it is a very attractive statue and I really think if this came to auction it would fetch a price around the estimate.

Alexis khrino Jul 03, 21:20 UTC

I would like to sell it To the highest better please So what to do? Thank you

S.k. breider Jul 29, 09:44 UTC

I will forward your remark to a colleague ok ?

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