Gagliano feadinan ih im fils de nicola naples 1756 violin

Sep 06, 2018. 23:22 UTC
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It's a violin. Gagliano feadinan ih Im fils de Nicola Naples 1756


It was passed down from my mother. And pasted down to her

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$200 - $2,000 (United States Dollar)
Answered within 3 days
Sep 10, 08:39 UTC
By Klaus

Thank you for submitting your item for appraisal. It is quite hard to get a clear impression of the age of this violin or the violin itself. The likelihood that this is a genuine italian instrument by Gagliano is rather slim. Most violins bear labels by famous violin makers but were manufactured in Markneukirchen or the Vogland / bohemia in the style of e.g. Stradiarius (sic!) Gagliano Ferdinan (sic!) etc. Lithographic prints of these paper labels were availabe in large sheets, on one side "italian makers", on the back side "french makers". These facsimile violins from Markneukirchen can be of good quality, but most would sell in the low hundreds. If in fact the instrument in your possession was stolen, it would have only value to the owner.

James graham Sep 10, 14:55 UTC

If you read the clipping the one stolen was 18 years newer then the one I have.i had a dealer I was working with in New York check the inside and the lable is there. He was gonna be taking me 8 hours to Philly with it .but I moved to Florida.

Klaus Sep 10, 16:03 UTC

As mentioned it is not important that "a" label is there, but the right label. The late 19th century "fake" labels are lithographic prints, a flat printing technique invented in 1799. The characters on an original label are slightly embossed into the paper. And of course there are no misspellings of the name.

James graham Sep 10, 21:19 UTC

So beings it seems you can't help me or give me a true appraisal then I guess you need to refund my money and I'll take it to someone that can and will give me a real appraisal. I have a couple already.This is not a remake or fake lable .as I said I already had a dealer working on this.and would not be told to keep it locked in a safety deposit box .if your saying $200 to $2000
That's a wide guess and nothing compared to a couple I have already received.i just can't see how your gonna give me low numbers when I have received 2 others that put your guess to shame and they are not that far in range beside the one that was $120,000 to $122,000 . What I thought was low yes $2000 difference but sure wasn't $200 to $2000. Heck that's the difference in one of the appraisals. Maybe they see something you don't. I was warned about low ball or switch outs. Not really sure how you came up with that.unless your just rushing through or throwing numbers. I paid $75 for one and $140 for the other. I guess $15 you just throw something out there. You even stated unless this is the stolen one. You didn't even read the whole clipping I guess or you would of seen the one I have and the one that was stolen are not the same date. Maybe you need to go back through it again and spend more then a couple minutes on it.

Klaus Sep 10, 22:19 UTC

I assume the difference in the appraisal is that your previous appraisers had the violin right in front of them. All I can see is a serious of rather hazy photos, no photo of the actual label. Based on the wrong spelling on the label no other appraisal is possible from this side of the atlantic. But I wish you every luck with your endeavour and I would applaude my colleagues if they got it right. Good luck.

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