Fritz Henningsen mahogany wingback chair? Obviously reupholstered, some damage (see photo)
31 May 2018



Antique dealer in GA

Acquired from
For sale
Answered within about 3 hours
By Nora Curl
May 31, 14:58 UTC
Fair Market Value
$500 - $1,500 USD
Insurance Value $0 USD
What does this mean?

This is a vintage, mid 20th century high back chair, circa 1940, that is similar in form to the Heritage Chair developed by Danish designer Frits Henningsen (1902 - 1971). This is a variant in form as the legs and silhouette on known signed, stamped or tagged Henningsen chairs have a markedly different silhouette and legs. There is one comparable match provided by the owner of this chair that is the same form that is being offered by a dealer for $6800 attributing the chair to Henningsen, however there is not confirmation yet that the comparable chair is signed. Bear in mind that an ‘asking price’ is one that has not been sold yet and a true sale value is based on actual past documented sale records. Henningsen was known for taking as much control over the production process in the workshop and there were only 2 manufacturers permitted to produce his iconic designs, one being Carl Hansen & Søn. If this were produced by Hansen and Son or at the Henningsen workshop, it would be signed and tagged as such with a country of origin mark as well. This has some condition issues and has been re-upholstered.The estimate for this attributed, or 'in the manner of' Henningsen chair factors in the condition issues, re-upholstery and lack of maker marks, tags or labels, and is based on actual recent past recorded auction sales of comparables. Retail 'asking prices' can be higher and vary.

Jennifer vanderbrug May 31, 23:43 UTC

Not that I could see, where would you suggest I look?

Nora curl May 31, 23:52 UTC

If you have checked all over the body and under the seat, then it is likely not marked. Did the dealer sell you this as a true Fritz Henningsen-made chair?

Jennifer vanderbrug Jun 01, 11:53 UTC

He did not. I find no marking but I don’t really know what to look for, are they normally marked?

Nora curl Jun 01, 20:22 UTC

Originals are usually signed or tagged and it would be rather obvious (not hidden) it is was signed. May I know then why you attribute this to Fritz Henningsen?

Nora curl Jun 01, 21:17 UTC

Thank you for the link. It would be good to contact them and ask if theirs is signed.

Jennifer vanderbrug Jun 02, 00:04 UTC

So why did I pay you? I have already researched what markings Fritz Henningsen may have, I asked you(the expert appraiser) what to look for and where- which you didn’t answer. You could have told me how and where a furniture maker would mark a chair, but it seems you are being allusive because either you are not educated about this artist or you want me to accept a low value to take advantage of me.

Nora curl Jun 02, 00:11 UTC

I just do not think it is an authentic Fritz Henningsen, and instead possibly by a maker or manufacturer who worked and produced in the style on Henningsen. The questions I am asking are to help come to the most accurate assessment for you. If their example is not marked, then this is more likely a chair in the manner of Henningsen, not by Henningsen himself.

Jennifer vanderbrug Jun 02, 01:42 UTC

You still avoid telling me how an authentic Fritz Henningsen chair would be marked or how you would determine its authenticity.

Nora curl Jun 02, 02:14 UTC

The name would be stamped pr tagges on the frame of the chair, usually the underside. The overall form of this chair does not match to known but similar designs of signed chairs by him. If the comparable is not signed as well then its not definitively by him, just 'in the manner of'

Nora curl Jun 02, 02:15 UTC

*or tagged, typo

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