French 1920s paris print

Jul 09, 2020. 20:36 UTC
French 1920s Paris print
United States of America


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The area of the print itself is 7X10". The scene is the Place de la Madeleine. Printed on paper. Signed but not numbered. Purchased in Paris in 1930.


Inherited by a friend. I don't believe it was ever out of the possession of the family.

Answered within about 20 hours
Jul 10, 16:47 UTC
By Sara S

Fair Market Value

$25 - $150 USD

Insurance Value

$175 USD
What does this mean?

Hello again Hellen,

Thank you for your appraisal inquires with Mearto. The item presented appears to be another etching by Charles Sénard (French; 1878 – 1934). The intaglio print features an embellishment techniques called à la poupée, which is a kind of coloring via printing. The print appears to be signed to the margin. As mentioned before, Sénard was best known for his still lifes and impressionist style paintings of academic subject matter. Unfortunately, there is no definitive biographical information regarding the artist. It appears that he remained a regional artist.

The estimate provided is based on recent auction estimates and results of comparable etchings and lithographs by Sénard. Please note that asking or retail prices may vary. Thank you and please take care.

Hellen gelband Jul 11, 14:18 UTC

Dear Sara,

Thanks very much for this. I'm embarrassed to say that I sent the wrong artist signature--it was the one from the Senard print that you looked at earlier. I had all my photos in the same folder and didn't notice until the appraisal came back that, in fact, it was the wrong one. Is there any way I can send the correct signature for you to look at? I suppose it's unlikely to change the appraisal or description, but it would nice to know who the painter is. I can't make it out but I do have a good photo of it. Again, I'm really sorry to have made this error. I don't see a way to attach anything here.


Sara s Jul 12, 00:55 UTC

Hi Helen. Oh my, I see. I too am embarrassed. I should have noticed that! I apologize. Yes, please do upload a detail image of the correct signature and I'd be glad to take another look. I do not have access to help you upload so please contact [email protected] for help with the upload. Thank you.

Hellen gelband Jul 12, 21:24 UTC


I've sent the signature file to the support desk, asking them to forward it to you.

Thanks so much.


Hellen gelband Jul 12, 21:25 UTC


Sorry to be so lame, but I saw that I could add a photo, so I've uploaded it. If you can reopen the file, it should be there (I think!).


Sara s Jul 14, 00:39 UTC

Hi Hellen! The photo of the signature is there. Thank you and please, you are not lame in the slightest. Now, I have searched for a fair amount of time for an artist to match this signature. I have image searched the signature with no luck and tried several searches in artist databases with spellings including, Mar(n)cher(en)(ey)(es). Further, I ran an extended reverse image search of the print and no hits can up, which is very rare for a print. I was not able to firmly attribute the print to an artist. Now I am the lame one. I am very sorry! So it appears the print is likely by a regional artist and the estimate above should still hold.

Hellen gelband Jul 14, 14:51 UTC

Thank you!

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