Famille Rose pink vase Pink Famille Rose Vase with writing

Jan 04, 2021. 12:49 UTC
Famille Rose pink vase                                                                   Pink Famille Rose Vase with writing
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This vase has a pink pattern and it also has figurative painting. It is 24 inches tall and 8 inches wide. It was described at auction as "Jingdezhen" with calligraphy or poetry. There is a hallmark under the bottom of the piece. There are no condition issues on this piece.




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Jan 06, 15:45 UTC
By s.k. Breider

Fair Market Value

$300 - $500 USD

Insurance Value

$0 USD
What does this mean?

Dear Rhonda,

Your vase is made in China around 1970. I agree with the description that is made in or near Jingdezhen in southern China. This era is famous for porcelain making of the highest quality in the past 1400 years or so. Because of the white paste and the fine painted decorations it was also famous in China. Imperial pieces were made in many occasions in Jingdezhen. In 20th century you see that the demand is still high and production increased quite strong. Nowadays you can speak about mass production although all decorations are still hand made. Antique value of your vase is quite low but there is demand for later pieces of fair quality from China. I believe if your vase came in a sale or auction you could fetch an price around the estimate I gave above.

Rhonda guess Jan 06, 20:04 UTC

Hello and thank you for the detailed information.
Do you think this is comparable to the vase in the link? The dimensions and the dates are similar, but my value is much lower.

Rhonda guess Jan 07, 23:15 UTC

Hello? What do you think?

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