Eugene faure street scape

Mar 02, 2021. 23:07 UTC
Eugene Faure Street Scape
United States of America

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Unsure about this painting. Oil on canvas. "Faure" is on bottom right. I found a similar painting but much smaller online with the artist Eugene Faure. inside frame measurement 23 1/2 x 35 1/2


Painting has been in the family for over 40 years. Unsure where it was bought

Answered within 3 days
Mar 05, 15:13 UTC
By Karine SH
Presumably not genuine

Dear Patricia,

Your painting is quite intriguing and looks much more recent than the smaller work by Eugene Faure sold a few years ago by DejaVu Estate Sales & Auctions, Florida:

This is probably a copy, but my immediate advice is that speak directly with this auction house for a second opinion. Their details can be found here:

For your information, works by Eugene Faure (1822 -1878) are around $2000 and $3000.

I hope this helps.


Patricia cassidy-stella Mar 05, 15:47 UTC

ok if not an original Faure, what is the value on it for me to sell on the private market ?

Karine sh Mar 05, 15:55 UTC

Hi again,
If your work is a copy as I think it is, then the current value is around $150 and $300.
Best wishes,

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