"ephraim of god," contemplative art reveal by tobias taoh,

Feb 12, 2018. 17:55 UTC
"Ephraim of GOD,"  contemplative art reveal by Tobias Taoh,
United States of America

Contemporary art

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acrylic and Handy Art tempera paint, 100% cotton canvas panel, 11 in X 14 in


contemplative reveal by tobias taoh, (my work is not painted creative art, conjured of the mind . as it remains contemplative reveal, revealed on the canvas through my intellect from above . ) within is possessed the ability to conjure paintings, as those pieces will be culled as identified . as well works of contemplative reveal are favor assigned .

Answered within about 7 hours
Feb 13, 00:34 UTC
By Erin-Marie Wallace
The specialist needs more information

Hello there Tim - Thank you for submitting to Mearto, tell me more about your art, have you exhibited publicly and are you currently represented by any galleries?


Tim ishmael Feb 13, 01:29 UTC

Erin Marie ...I have always had a desire to express in toward the arts. for the past two years, I am more inclined to do so . I have transcribed 18 blogs, non-interactive, mostly transcribed from the seen and heard above, as well the painting I am now experimenting is done so after a small period of meditation contemplation within . I remain much as the hermit these days, as my life long ambition was to retire and become a monk. I am more the hermit than monk . I am not so interested in money power fortune and fame, but I do need a new water well on the property, so I was seeking to sell some of the more recent works of the past couple months to aid in this endeavor .
I as the hermit remain much to live the quieter silent life, yet as far as exhibits at art galleries would be amazing, yet I do not seek the spotlight of any fame, at all . that pretty much sums it up . thank you for asking . kudos

Tim ishmael Feb 13, 01:34 UTC

one more thing, much of the later art work is displayed, along with the art work of my down syndrome brother's art work . it is displayed on Facebook under my name Tim Ishmael, white castle, louisiana some of those particular painted works I have not signed and photographed before placing on FB because this work began as an innocent experiment .

Erin-marie wallace Feb 13, 01:47 UTC

Dear Tim,

Thank you for being so candid, allow me to do likewise…. Your reasoning for coming to making art is wonderfully sincere and refreshing.
From my position as an auctioneer, appraiser and artist I’ve had the benefit from several perspectives within this field. What I have found is that while artists do not need to attain the notoriety of Picasso to be successful, they must curate a group of supportive collectors who are interested in their work and the reasons behind why they make it. Many people, including myself, like to support artists they know and like.
As someone who is, by admission, a self-proclaimed “hermit,” I recommend that you find paths to connect with like-minded individuals which will enrich your art and the circle of individuals who are aware of your art. Perhaps this is a website and/or blog which you create and curate, perhaps this is connecting with a representative who takes on the task of outreach for you in exchange for a percentage, perhaps this is connecting with a local arts group but you will need to create a network and you will need to create the work. So… while you are thinking of how you can best connect with your network, keep making the work. The more you create the better your chances are of creating something new and creating a strong body of work that conveys your “vision”. I hope this assist you but if you have any follow-up questions, just ask.



Tim ishmael Feb 13, 01:53 UTC

I need to buy more canvas boards, as each work, after contemplation, is revealed by the canvas within 2 to 3 minutes, tops . I have roughly 30 pieces posted on facebook, and not one of them took longer than 5 minutes to create .

Tim ishmael Feb 13, 01:55 UTC

I begin painting a boat, I allow the contemplative art to enter my fingers and paint, and the work is instantly created . what begins as a boat is often the tree in reveal .

Tim ishmael Feb 13, 01:58 UTC

Ephraim took 2 minutes, tops

Tim ishmael Feb 13, 02:01 UTC

Thank you so very much, Erin . tobias

Erin-marie wallace Feb 13, 02:11 UTC

You are quite welcome, keep working and keep posting to your Facebook page, look into using Instagram and Twitter as well and I am sure you will begin to assemble your network.

Cheers - Erin-Marie

Tim ishmael Feb 13, 02:30 UTC

thank you . I just painted "perception A why of God"

Tim ishmael Nov 11, 12:14 UTC

all of the contemplate art reveal in my collection will either be offered for donation, lower pricing, freely given, distributed, to any and everyone . the rights are freely given to anyone to copy for distribution or personal appreciation . the only one pricey art work is Ephraim, as he is the first art reveal in answer to the prayer that my bills I owe in this world be paid, plus the cost of one water well on the property . there is to be no profit for the exchange of Ephraim, only to signify the answer to God's given prayer for two minutes work to pay what we owe in charity gratitude . all other art works are freely offered to be mailed to anyone whom requests an original free of cost or charge, yet donations be made to their own local charity, as well, that the benevolence of God be spread throughout our land and that our honest debts be paid, even remittance for 2 minutes work in His stillness for Ephraim . .thank you, God Bless, tobias

Tim ishmael Nov 11, 12:46 UTC

two of my later blogs: https://ezradestiny.wordpress.com/

https://hislittlestbook.com/ thank you

Tim ishmael Nov 11, 12:50 UTC


Tim ishmael Nov 11, 12:57 UTC

within the comment above is written the word "contemplate" art, should be contemplative art reveal, we apologize as this computer is older and worn now even as most of the keys stick and refuse to cooperate with a dummy like me . kumbaya with kudos

Tim ishmael Nov 11, 13:00 UTC

ten cents or a million dollars . what difference does or can it make . we still use a latrine and shall die someday . truth

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