Elaine & william de kooning

Mar 21, 2021. 01:33 UTC
Elaine & William de Kooning
United States of America

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Sitting in a dry secured storage (Museum) are five (5) rare paintings by two artists named, William & Elaine de Kooning. These paintings are believed to be practice paintings like most artists and authors do before the final masterpieces are completed. These once trashed and recovered paintings were most likely recovered by a de Kooning family member, close friend, art admirer, student, teacher, night janitor, or an associate who collected these pieces of art from the trash, just for the love of collecting art. Also, please see the rare drawing within one of the original practice painting of a de Kooning art catalog on the lower left-hand corner, by William de Kooning. medium: Oil on masonite or boards Signed: Yes (One) Artist: Elaine de Kooning & William de Kooning Title: Group of five art works: Creation Date: 20th Century Measurements: Height: 18, Width: 15, Depth: (Give or take) Type: One of a kind paintings


I purchased these pieces of art from a small shop in a college town in the USA. I hope to find the purchase receipt as I continue my efforts to organize the storage.

Answered within 1 day
Mar 22, 12:42 UTC
By George
The specialist needs more information

Dear Kirk,

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry. Sadly, our policies only allow me to apprise one object per request. Please state which object you want to be estimated and name the measurements.

With kind regards,

Kirk tillery Mar 23, 05:28 UTC

Sorry, I overlooked Mearto policies to only appraise one object per request. Please appraise the Elaine/William de Kooning painting with the de Kooning signature on the back first.
Size:18 x 15 (May Have To Return To The Storage To Re-Check The Size) Thank You!

George Mar 25, 12:33 UTC

Dear Kirk,

Thank you for your fast reply. Is it possible to upload more detailed images of the painting itself and the signature?

With kind regards,

Kirk tillery Mar 27, 09:51 UTC

Per your request, you will find a separate appraisal request with new photos and more details about the one painting by de Kooning. Also, you will find at the end of these photos one separate photo of the other four paintings (disregard) from this set of five. I would like to keep them altogether due to the fact that only one of them has a signature.

George Mar 30, 16:16 UTC

Dear Kirk,

I hope you are well and healthy. So this request is answered with the estimation of the portrait of Abraham Lincoln?

With kind regards,

Kirk tillery Mar 31, 07:32 UTC

How do we keep this set of five de Kooning paintings together due to the fact that only one of them was signed and evaluated so far? They were found together as one group of five and the only thing that defines them as de Kooning paintings, is this one signature and that they were always together? Please advise what to do when it comes to evaluations of the other four paintings and keeping them together as a group.

George Apr 04, 17:47 UTC

Dear Kirk,

Sadly I don't see a real opportunity to keep them together. The signed painting has a higher price potential if it is authentified. The other paintings could be just attributed to de Kooning with arguments of style and motif. It is not sure how this group was set together and the art market usually does not accept such arguments.

With kind regards,

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