Cubism i honestly dont know...

Sep 15, 2017. 05:00 UTC
I honestly dont know...
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Cubism I honestly dont know the history of the painting at all whatsover as far as it being showcased. I know it was sold in auctions due to the sticker that still attached with the number #370. After doin extensive research Ive concluded that is possibly a acrylic painting by Pablo Picasso. If you look to the far left vertically. You can see letters that look very much like the way he signs. Also bottom middle in ink sharpie has a date. The year definitely looks like 72 which is the year he passed and also on the back of the painting in pencil written 72. I know after researching that his last year of living. His paintings were really out there as far as his emphasis on body parts being enlarge and oddly shaped. This is just my hypothesis though. The painting is 22"x26"


Bought from a lady who was the care taker of a lady who was 103 years old and had acquired the painting

Answered within 1 day
Sep 16, 09:09 UTC
By Sabrina Vinther
The specialist needs more information

Your painting looks very interesting however I need a bit more information in order to put an estimated value on it. Would it be possible for you to send the measurements of the painting, and also any further information about the artist - it is very hard to tell from the photograph of the signature. Do you know if it has been exhibited or any other kind of information about the artist, possible collection etc. Thank you very much.

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