Earliest surviving hindu painting titled "queen and attendants", 6th century c.e.

Jun 17, 2021. 03:54 UTC
Earliest Surviving Hindu Painting titled "Queen and Attendants", 6th Century C.E.

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This is the digitally restored photograph of a painting on the Badami Caves in Karnataka, India, photographed using innovative low light technologies by the legendary photographer Benoy Behl, and then painstakingly restored to its original glory. It is the only such painting of its type, as nature has damaged the original painting on the cave, thus making it a unique ancient collectible important to billions of people around the world, acting as a key to the diverse cultures of Asia that originated from these ancient paintings.


It was bought directly from Benoy Behl, the original photographer of these paintings. It has not exchanged any hands, as Benoy Behl wanted to retain its true value and share it with the world at a later stage. Recently, heads of states, ambassadors and various dignitaries from different parts of the world revealed this to the world (there are dozens of media reports around this- earliest surviving Hindu painting can be searched).

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