Dragonfly tiffany lamp

Apr 24, 2021. 20:48 UTC
Dragonfly Tiffany lamp
United States of America

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Hi, I know you probably get bombarded with nonsense all day long, but I’m hoping you can take just a minute or two to help some good friends settle a really heated arguement over a lamp. PLEASE HELP THEY ARE AT EQCH OTHERS THROATS. One says it’s fake the other says it’s real..... I said I would mediate but I’m not a lamp/antique professional.... hence why I’m reaching out I took some super quick pics of this lamp..... just from the pics can you please try and answer the following: In your professional opinion do you think the piece is authentic or a fakejust from the pics?.... If it’s authentic how were u able to tell? If it’s a fake, what were the dead give away(s)? If a knock-off, is it a good one or a poor one? Is the glass confetti glass? If so how do you know? Is there anything on the lamp that you can say for certain was mass produced? Machine made? Was anything done by hand? Any help or insight you can provide would greatly be appreciated We are in Hollywood CA, Kind regards Sarah


Literally got it from an artist friend who is not the brightest and claims she got it at an estate sale

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