Dennis Silvertooth Bronze Sculptures
08 June 2020

My Dad owns four bronze sculptures from Texas artist, Dennis Silvertooth. He purchased them directly from the artist about ten years ago.


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By Sara S
Jun 08, 20:13 UTC
The specialist needs more information

Hello again Camilla!

I hope you are doing well. I was hoping you may be able to give me a little more information about each object here. Would you be able to let me know (or upload the images for) --

1) if each work is signed in cast
2) if there are any edition markings and what they read
3) if there are any publisher, foundry, or other markings

Thank you so much!

Camilla basse Jun 10, 17:39 UTC

Hi Sara! Unfortunately, only one of the statues has any type of signature or markings on it. I have uploaded images of the markings. They are as follows:
The Challenge
C enclosed in a circle
I do know that this artist was commissioned to do a large sculpture for the Corpus Christi Museum of Art. I wish I had more info for you!

Sara s Jun 12, 03:17 UTC

Hi Camilla!

I apologies for my delay. I was traveling for work. Thank you so much for the additional information and images. That is great! So, I am under the assumption that all four objects are by Dennis Silvertooth (American; 20th century) and were purchased directly from the artist. However, without seeing signatures, I cannot confirm. Lack of signatures are not uncommon, specially if they were acquired directly from the artist. If an object does not have a signature, they may be some kind of unmarked proof cast.

Unfortunately, there is no definitive biographical information about him and he only has a few auction records. I was only able to locate auction records for "The Challenge." The others have not been seen at auction. Which could further mean the works of personal proofs. Though, I cannot confirm.

"The Challenge" has reached an auction result of $100 - 300. Assuming each object is comparable in dimensions to "The Challenge," a fair market value estimation for the collection of four bronze sculptures by Dennis Silvertooth would be about $400 - 800. The lack of identifying marks for the other three kind of hurts the estimation. However, if provenance could be proven by documents, that might raise the overall estimate a bit. Thank you!!

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