Decorative asian flower vase

Jan 07, 2018. 17:54 UTC
Decorative Asian flower vase

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-glazed orange flower vase 7 1/4 inches high from base -painted Asian looking branches on back and front, front has white heron or egret and black crow or raven both sitting on a branch - several sections of the design are outlined in gold paint - markings under the vase base look like 1873 J and then in a separate part of the base the word Java and in another area 2 small lines x 2 (11 11) all markings on the base in gold paint - separate glazed ceramic piece with numerous holes for flowers that fits inside the vase


Crossroads market in Calgary has various vendors selling flea market items, this particular vendor often had interesting vases, he wanted $175 and after years of watching it he sold it to me for $75. I don’t think it would be worth much but it is so beautiful I was just wanting to know it’s origin and age. Looks like it was made in the 1940’s but I am not sure

Answered within about 2 hours
Jan 07, 19:41 UTC
By Nora Curl

Fair Market Value

$100 - $200 USD

Insurance Value

$300 USD
What does this mean?

This is a vintage ceramic Continental or British ware of a flare top vase with a custom made 'frog' for flower arranging that dates to the 1930s. The vase is similar to pieces by Carlton Ware of England. The hand executed numbers on the underside are in-house inventory numbers from the maker and usually the pattern 'name' for the shape or mold form of the vase. These numbers cannot be used to trace back to the maker. The word JAVA is the pattern name of the design with the raven and heron. The glaze has a luster to it and there is hand painted gilding. Although the gold is real, there is no longer a precious metal meltdown value as the cost to extract the gold would exceed the value of the amount extracted. The estimate is based on actual past auction sales of comparables.

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