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Medium: colour Lithograph & 2 silver half dollarcoins from 1893 showing Columbus on one side snd the Nina (the ship) on the other Signed: Yes Artist: Salvador Dalí Title: Discovery of America Creation Date: Circa 1959 Measurements: Height: 86, Width: 59 cm Broad Media: Prints & Graphic Art Labels on back: no photo


Collens & Kent

Presumably not genuine
Answered within about 7 hours
Nov 28, 06:30 UTC
By Klaus

Thank you for submitting your item for appraisal. The chances to buy an original Dali are really small. There are millions of reproductions or fakes like this around. This print is a reproduction print after the painting by "The Dream Of Christopher Columbus" by Salvador Dali (1904-1989), the print is NOT signed by Dali, it was meant to deceive. Fakes don´t have any value. Try to return it to the seller if possible. Unless of course you happen to like it nonetheless and it represents a sentimental value to you.

For further reading please have a look at this site:http://bernardewell.com/2011/09/ed-weston-pulls-a-dali-shenanigan-part-2/

Anthony de jesus Nov 28, 09:57 UTC

I don't understand your comments. Did you look at the certificate attached to my valuation request. It is 155/300 edition singed by Dali and a direct descendant of Columbus with his stamp. The print was purchased for a dealer in Melbourne Australia.

Klaus Nov 28, 12:34 UTC

The certificate got it wrong, contact the gallery you bought it from.

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