Crowes mounted on wood

Aug 07, 2021. 13:38 UTC
Crowes Mounted on wood
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This piece looks like it was one of the following artists SHIBATA ZESHIN Yukawa-Shodo Ito Sozan Picture 25" tall by 16 1/2 Wide Frame is wider Mounted on wood



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Aug 12, 21:20 UTC
By Leah I.

Fair Market Value

$200 - $400 USD

Suggested Asking Price

$300 USD
What does this mean?

Thank you for contacting Mearto and I apologize for the delay. This is a print of crows resting on a tree branch. I believe the piece is Japanese rather than Chinese, based on the style and composition. I agree with you that the subject matter and overall composition match Ito Sozan, but the signature and seal do not match (see link below). The other two artists you mentioned, Shodo Yukawa and Shibata Zeshin, also do not match the signature. Yanagi ni karasu and Ohara Koson are two other Japanese artists who depicted crows, but their signatures are also not a match.

In the vertical picture (three birds) you submitted, the artist appears to have used a photo negative technique for the birds, which would imply that the work is at least as recent as the latter half of the 20th century.

I have included links below to hammer prices of Japanese prints to give you an idea of the market. My valuation is based on these. Also, there is slight damage on the 3-bird piece and I’ve taken that into account.

Unfortunately, my research did not provide us with an answer on this artist’s name. I recommend a forum on which you can post pictures and scholars will translate and sometimes help with identification. The link is below.

Again, I’m sorry for the delay. We have an option for a refund on our Terms of Use page. If I can further assist you, please let me know.

Ito Sozan seals and signature:
*the seal on the horizontal piece is a little unclear in the photo, so you might want to take a look just to check for a match


Hammer prices:

$350, Ito Sozan

$300, Shoda Koho

No price, Yanagi ni karasu

$1600, Ohara Koson





$950 for 3




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