Civil war era saber w/ scabbard

Jul 06, 2021. 21:21 UTC
Civil War era Saber w/ Scabbard
United States of America

Saber sword

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Possibly Ames "Wristbreaker" model from 1860, it has no identifying marks or stamps. Overall length 41 inches (blade 36, hilt 5). scabbard length is 37.5 inches. Scabbard is steel, somewhat aged (rust? tarnish?) with two noticeable dents. Blade is stainless steel with two chips in the sharp edge close to the "business end", plus a 5/8 inch notch on the dull edge within one foot of the hilt. Hilt is bronze with leather grip.


My father acquired it from an antiques dealer in the early 1970's to wear as decoration as a member of a Civil War club called the North-South Skirmish Association (to accent his reproduction McNeill's Rangers CSA uniform). If the sword's history was known, it was not repeated to me.

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Jul 10, 12:56 UTC
By George
The specialist needs more information

Dear Daniel,

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry. So that I may best assist you, can you please upload detailed and focused images of all hallmarks, numbers, and stamps on the metal parts of the weapon? Thank you for your help.

With kind regards,

Daniel cage Jul 10, 22:55 UTC

Thanks for getting back to me, George, and I would love to fulfill your request with better photos, but I cannot find any "hallmarks, numbers, and stamps" ANYWHERE on the sword. Perhaps if you were to give me the specific locations as to where those marks would likely be found I could take the photos in order to show that they are simply not there unless I'm just missing them. If they WERE there I can't imagine why anyone would remove them, and if they were NEVER there, that brings into question the sword's authenticity. However, you would think if someone wanted to reproduce the sword such marks would have been added to make it more convincing. Then THAT brings into question why the original manufacturer of this model would NOT put its brand on it. I am hoping you or someone in your line of work might have answers to these questions. Please advise...


Daniel cage Jul 11, 18:47 UTC

George, I have added a photo showing a mark where the wrist guard meets the cap atop the hilt. Hope it helps.

Daniel cage Jul 20, 18:11 UTC

George, please tell me what more I can do to help you appraise this saber. Getting antsy...

Daniel cage Aug 19, 20:06 UTC

Another nudge, George. Hoping you are feeling better. Maybelle has reported you are under the weather. I hesitate to ask for a refund.

Daniel cage Sep 06, 19:22 UTC

George, if I don't hear back from you soon I'll be compelled to ask for a refund. Please advise...

Daniel cage Sep 18, 17:23 UTC

Refund received. Sorry it didn't work out.

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