Civil war colt army ID Solider information.

Apr 16, 2018. 19:25 UTC
Civil war colt army ID Solider information.
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colt army revolver 1860. Id to a civil war solider. Comes with also Colt letter.



the solider name is Jacob W. Miller PVT. Co. C. 8th Indiana Cavalry. He obtained this revolver by taking it off of a fellow officer that had took food from him. I also had a colt letter done on this that cost me $300. It said that the gun was shipped to Lt. Col. G. D. Ramsay. This gun comes with a lot of providence from the Miller family that own the gun. sending all the picture I have of it. The gun is in very good shape with all matching serial numbers. also has cartouche on it. it is faded. The gun is very tight cocks and locks very nicely. and it seems to have all of it original blue does look like it has been tamper with ever. I also found some paper work from another fellow solider who bunked with miller. He talk about miller in his letters a couple of times. it doesn't mention the gun but does mention them going on a stealing raid. I think this might be when miller obtained the gun. you will have to go through the pictures to understand everything. IF you need more information or pictures let me know.

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Apr 18, 12:27 UTC
By Klaus

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$1,500 - $3,500 USD

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$0 USD
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Thank you for submitting your item for appraisal. This appears to be an authentic 1860 model Colt army revolver, complete with a Colt archives authentification, correct serial numbers and impressive provenance. There is very little to add to the paperwork you already compiled. There are reproductions around, but judging from your photos I can´t see evidence that this should be the case here. A hands on appraisal by a specialized auction house is always advised. Anything related to the civil war is highly collectible. Due to the efforts you undertook history comes alive and this should add to the value. The estimate is based on recent auction results. The value should be near the high estimate. "Asking prices" in the trade can be higher and vary.

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