Chinese vase

Feb 12, 2021. 06:49 UTC
Chinese vase
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Chinese antiques

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Feb 15, 13:18 UTC
By Leah I.

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$30 - $50 USD

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$80 USD
What does this mean?

This is a hand-painted gold on cobalt blue vase. The double blue circles on the base indicate it is of Chinese origin. This mark was used during the 1700s- there is an interesting story behind it, and I’ve included an explanation below. In short, the mark means it could have been made during that period (Kangxi) or it could be a copy made in the Guangzhou Period (1800-1900). OR it could be a much more recent piece using the same mark in imitation. Because of the style of painting, which is much less delicate and precise as vases from the historical periods mentioned, this appears to be an imitation from the 20th century. Compared to similar items sold, the Fair Market Value is $30-$50.

"The Double Blue Ring mark was originally used during the Kangxi Period, mid to late 1700s. There was an Empress at the time for whom there is also a traditional blue 6- or 4- character mark inside the circle, as most vases have.

During her rule a rebellion broke out and the opposition took to destroying all wares found to have her mark upon them. To prevent such disrespect, she ordered that any ware that was to bear her mark should, instead, bear just the Double Blue Rings. After defeating the opposition, the character mark returned.

Let's fast forward to the Guangzhou Period, late 1800s to very early 1900s. During this period was a resurgence of popularity for porcelain and art works of the Kangxi Period which were only marked with the Double Blue Rings used by the Empress of the time. It wouldn't surprise me if the Double Blue Rings is still in use by dishonest makers due to its simplicity to copy."

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