Chinese ink wash painting of 8 horses

Aug 02, 2021. 18:17 UTC
Chinese ink wash painting of 8 horses
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Vary large painting 62 " wide 32 " tall. Ink wash on rice paper, the Chinese litters say its called 8 horses, on a summer day, date of painting not sure but any where between 1926 and 1987, I am not sure who the artist is, if its in the Chinese litters or the chop marks. It looks like art work that Xu Beihong has done of horses.


Unknown, i bought it from an estate.

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Aug 06, 01:58 UTC
By Leah I.

Fair Market Value

$600 - $1,000 USD

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$800 USD
What does this mean?


I haven't been able to identify the seals on your piece. Yes, if it were an authentic Xu Beihong, it would be extremely valuable.

The likelihood is that this is a copy of Xu Beihong’s work by a different artist. I am basing this on the fact that the horse’s poses in the work are copied from two different Xu pieces. The calligraphy style looks slightly different to me as well.

My advice is to send a picture to Christie’s since they have handled authentic Xu works, I think they can give you a definitive answer.

As for valuation, if it not by Xu Beihong, it is still a fine painting and would be worth between $600 and $1000 based on paintings of similar size and quality.

A real Xu painting would be in the millions.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Here are some of Xu’s seals:

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Jerry henson Aug 06, 03:09 UTC

That would be fine and Thank you

Jerry henson Aug 07, 17:22 UTC

If an artist name cant be found on this ink wash painting, can the painting be attributed to Xu Beihong? and how doe that affect the value, I have seen quite a few of Xu Beihong horse paintings sold at auction that were Attributed to him, To me that means he didnt sign some of his paintings.

Jerry henson Aug 09, 00:36 UTC

In your opinion, could it can be Attributed to Xu Beihong, I see a lot of his work sale at auctions as Attributed to him, Do you think it would be worth the money to have authenticity done on this painting? And about what would that cost? I do understand that there are copies made of famous artist in china, but in my research it takes years of training in Calligraphy to be able to do this kind of Ink wash painting, one wrong brush stroke and it has to be started over again on new paper.

Leah i. Aug 09, 18:23 UTC

Hi again Jerry,

My Chinese friend just sent me his translation:

八駿圖 - Picture of Eight Steeds
On a Summer Day of the Year of Fire-Hare (1987)
Painted by Xiaoyun
日雲 (曉雲) Xiaoyun - Given name
Other seals,
雲 - Yun
陽xxxx金 - Yangxxxxjin (I can't read the middle)
獨老峰主 - Master of solitary old peak - Psudonym

Unidentifiable artist

Leah i. Aug 09, 18:43 UTC

There is an artist named Shi Xiaoyun, but his seal doesn't match...

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