Chinese clay teapot

Sep 28, 2019. 19:04 UTC
Chinese clay teapot
United States of America

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Bowl part is Approx 4 1/2" wide x 3" high. Almost 7" long spout to handle. Deep brown color with bamboo looking handle, spot and lid handle. A flower or leaf of some sort near spout in one place only. Chinese? Print on bottom. Looking for history/info and price.


Friend had a Chinese foreign exchange student for the summer. This was given to them by the student at the end of her stay as a gift. Teapot was wrapped in silk? pouch and in apadded box with some chinese print on it.

Answered within about 10 hours
Sep 29, 05:32 UTC
By s.k. Breider

Fair Market Value

€40 - €80 EUR

Insurance Value

€120 EUR
What does this mean?

Dear Eric,

What you have here is a Yixing ( ) clay teapot made in China in the 21th century. Drinking tea is part of the Chinese culture and comes like in Japan with a ritual. Part of the ritual is the teapot. It is said that Yixing clay adds flavor to the tea and is therefor part of the drinking experience. Rich Chinese tea drinkers want to buy a 17th or 18th century teapot and also more then one. Therefor these teapots are sought after and make big prices in auctions. Your teapot is a modern pot but ready to use. The modern one's are usually not very expensive although some potters are quite famous and their pots have a higher price tag. Pots like yours are sold in China in many places and are used in daily life.
The leaves are bamboo leaves and the sprout and handle are bamboo branches.
The greatest compliment you can give to the student who gave you the pot is to send him / her a picture of you using the pot. These pots are not made for a showcase but must be used. You can find many video's on youtube with the tag Yixing tea how to use the pot and and enjoy drinking tea from it.


Simon Breider

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