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Feb 24, 2021. 22:52 UTC
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Black ink brush strokes of horse


Given to my Dad 1965/1966 for being recognized as an outstanding person. He. Saved 2 Chinese nationals from snakebite wounds

Answered within 2 days
Feb 26, 20:24 UTC
By Leah I.
The specialist needs more information

Dear V,

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry. What an amazing story behind this piece. So that I may best assist you, can you provide me with the approximate size of this painting?

Thank you

V j duffy Feb 26, 20:44 UTC

Approximately 18”x26’’.
I need to clarify a few details. That painting was presented to my military Dad while he was stationed in Taiwan. The painting was presented to him from the Chinese Government.

Leah i. Feb 26, 21:49 UTC

Now the story is even more interesting. This is an ink painting on paper of a galloping horse mimicking the style of Xu Beihong 徐悲鴻 (1895-1953), one of the most important painters of the 20th century in mainland China. By the time of his death, his work was already very well known and very expensive, so it makes sense that it was being copied. The calligraphy also looks like his hand. However, the signature is clearly not his name. I wish for you it were a real Xu!

It’s difficult to read the cursive calligraphy poem at the top. Here is what I am able to make out:

中華民國五十? ? Taiwan (“Republic of China”) fifty ? ?
表彰好人??为 commendation of a good person ? ? protection
杜塞??马 to block ? ? horse

I have not found a match for the artist’s signature on the lower left.

Below are links to Xu Beihong’s famous horse paintings. I have also included links showing his signature and seals.

The painter shows great skill with the brush and composition. The frame also adds to the piece’s value. Based on sales of similar paintings, the Fair Market Value of this work is between $700 and $900.

Xu Beihong horses

Xu Beihong's signature is on the lower left: the two calligraphy characters right above the red seal.

Seals of Xu Beihong

Leah i. Feb 28, 16:09 UTC

Hi again, I asked my friend to look at the calligraphy as well, and this is his response to me. I hope it is helpful:

Inscriptions in my reading;
中華民國五十四年 - In the Fifty-fourth Year of Minguo(1965)
表彰好人好事為 - For recognition of "Good People, Good Deeds" (title)
杜費少投冩   -  Painted and submitted by Du
Fèishào - Surname and given name
Signature (in my reading),
南白石 - Nán-báishí - Báishí of the South -
An art-name
囗白石 - 囗-báishí
The style of the characters in the seal are eerily similar to the style used by the famous painter
Qi Baishi.

Unidentifiable Taiwanese painter.

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