Mar 23, 2021. 22:11 UTC
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Mar 24, 16:57 UTC
By Leah I.

Fair Market Value

$200 - $300 USD

Insurance Value

$500 USD
What does this mean?


I just realized that I made a mistake with this appraisal. A different customer submitted a Qianlong vase on the same day that was nearly identical to yours. My first message ("Please refer to my appraisal of your other vase. This vase is very similar. Sold as a matching pair, you may be able to get a slightly higher price.") must have not made any sense. I'm so sorry for the mix up.

Her vase was 60 cm. I initially looked through your pictures and thought that it was the pair in a set. Now that I am reviewing, I can see now that yours is small enough to be held. It looks to be about 25 cm (?)

Instead of my initial appraisal of $1000-$1500, it is more reasonable to expect to get slightly less because the piece is smaller and because of the PRC sticker. I also want to underline the fact that this could be real or imitation Qianlong (see more about that below).

Information about your vase:

This is a famille rose Chinese vase. The vase is in the style of a Qianlong period (1736-1795) piece. The sticker on the base makes me think that this is a later iteration made in the 20th century.

My revised Fair Market Value is between $200 and $300, conditional on this being a reproduction of an authentic Qianlong. If it were an 18th century piece, the price would be closer to $900. Again, the PRC sticker, to me, means it is not.

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