Charles dickens martin huzzlewit

Jan 09, 2018. 02:57 UTC
Charles Dickens Martin Huzzlewit

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Some curling on book cover spine where title is located. Some water marks, front illustrations have spotting. Missing title page with publisher, illustrator date. One plate at pg 198 has separated from book but is intact.


Gifted by an acquaintance, original owners relatives from England.

Answered within about 14 hours
Jan 09, 16:44 UTC
By Nora Curl

Fair Market Value

$1,500 - $2,500 USD

Insurance Value

$4,000 USD
What does this mean?

This is a first edition, first printing of Martin Chuzzlewhit by Charles Dickens that was published in 1844 by Chapman and Hall. Hallmarks of the first edition, first printing of this title are the included errata and the inclusion of 100L on the signpost in the frontispiece illustration by Phiz. The title/publisher pages are not missing, as they are included in the photos here and the loose page 198 will not impact value. The binding appears to be original. The estimate is based on actual past recent auction sales of comparables.

Rosemarie murray Jan 10, 20:23 UTC

s the estimated sale price based on just an amalgamation of past sale prices for a similar item on Catawiki and/or eBay, other sites? Is the Mearto appraisal considered to be somewhat official, at least perhaps to Catawiki?

We are interested in selling - but have read there can be problems with Catawiki when you are a seller based in North America shipping to Europe. Do you have any other suggestions or is Catawiki the best bet? Does Catawiki operate like an auction, selling lots of similar type, in one go, online?

Nora curl Jan 10, 20:25 UTC

I am not familiar with Catawiki, it is a site and platform I have not heard of nor used.

Rosemarie murray Jan 11, 04:46 UTC

What database do you use to give the estimate, based on "actual past recent auction sales of comparables?"

Rosemarie murray Jan 11, 04:46 UTC

Is a Mearto appraisal an official appraisal?

Rosemarie murray Jan 12, 03:41 UTC


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