Carved wood decorative wall sculpture

Jun 13, 2021. 13:41 UTC
Carved Wood Decorative Wall Sculpture
United States of America

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This is possibly a longevity board, intricately caeved that is Chinese. It measures 36 inches X 36 inches. There are a few surface scratches on the border or edge.


This came from an antiques faire sale of various vendors.

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Jun 15, 02:38 UTC
By Leah I.

Fair Market Value

$100 - $300 USD

Suggested Asking Price

$200 USD
What does this mean?

I am not familiar with the term 'longevity board’, what's that?

This is a Chinese carved window panel. The character in the middle is 茶,meaning “tea”.
Here are some similar pieces with hammer prices, to give you an idea of the market. The fair market value of your item is between $100 and $300 based on sales of similar items.



$300 for 2




Rhonda guess Jun 17, 22:30 UTC

Hi Leah: How are you?
Here is a link to a longevity screen..I thought they were similar. But I do not think tea has much to do with long life.

Leah i. Jun 17, 22:44 UTC

Oh interesting! Thanks. By the way, did you see my comment about the celadon vase you submitted?

Rhonda guess Jun 23, 03:32 UTC

Yes. I am going to get you an image of the bottom mark.

Rhonda guess Jun 23, 23:52 UTC

Leah, can you tell me what sort of wood this could be?

Leah i. Jun 28, 23:24 UTC

I think it is mahogany.

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