Carved red jade figurine

Jun 07, 2020. 19:44 UTC
Carved red jade figurine
United States of America

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Length: 3/4 inch Height: 5/8 inch Red jade



Answered within about 12 hours
Jun 08, 07:42 UTC
By s.k. Breider

Fair Market Value

$20 - $40 USD

Insurance Value

$60 USD
What does this mean?

Dear Travis,

Thanks for the additional pictures. Red jade is not translucent and has a clear mineral structure. Your piece is quite different from that. It looks like a piece of glas but Chinese use all kinds of materials to resemble jade or other precious stone. Many stones are dyed with polymers to give it the right color. It could be the case with your stone to. If you want to be sure you can ask a test of the stone by GIA certified organisation. They can give you 100% certainty. I would not recommend that. Its expensive and I believe changes are very big you will be disappointed. For now I will give you an estimate based on a nice colored pendant; decorative value.

Travis sowers Jun 08, 18:30 UTC

I will try to find a light that is less bright as my camera is having a hard time getting a clear picture. The inside has no bands just solid color. Let me know if this picture is good enough but I will still try to take a better one. Thank you

Travis sowers Jun 08, 18:33 UTC

I also included a blacklit picture of the seal for more definition

Travis sowers Jun 11, 06:06 UTC

I haven’t heard anything from you in a few days. Update please?

Travis sowers Jun 12, 01:53 UTC

I had the Chinese writing translated and it says “agate fish pendant” would carved red agate be of any value

S.k. breider Jun 12, 08:16 UTC

If you google agate you will see that it has a structure and layers in the stone. I do not see the mineral structure. Also the color is different. Agata can be valuable if cut into nice statues. On itself agate pieces do not have great value.


Travis sowers Jun 12, 18:01 UTC

A presidium gem tester shows that it is not glass but is in fact a stone it’s just ambiguous between agate and jadeite on the tester, guaranteed not to be glass though, which is why I was even looking for answers as to what it exactly is as it’s proven to not be glass. If it is actually agate does it hold any value.

Travis sowers Jun 14, 06:32 UTC

Well this was a waste of money and time. You couldn’t tell me what the writing said. You say it doesn’t look like a mineral. It is a mineral guaranteed. And you can’t give me an appraisal based on what it actually is. It IS agate. You did not give me an appraisal for what it is so I will be having my bank refund the charges because this has been a waste of time.

Travis sowers Jun 14, 06:33 UTC


S.k. breider Jun 15, 11:57 UTC

Sorry to hear that.

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