Cameo with gold/bronze coloured floral frame.

Aug 29, 2020. 07:29 UTC
Cameo with gold/bronze coloured floral frame.

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The cameo appears to be made of shell. It is a pink background with what looks to be a white portrait of a lady on it, who looks Greek or Roman perhaps. This is bordered by a floral frame that looks to be bronze maybe.


It has been passed down through my family for many generations.

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Sep 07, 06:04 UTC
By Sabrina Vinther

Fair Market Value

$80 - $120 USD

Insurance Value

$200 USD
What does this mean?

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry.

It is a beautiful cameo brooch. Such vintage cameos are being offered at auction on a regular basis.
The portrait of the lady is very detailed and elegant. The Cameo appears to be in good condition and very detailed. The portrait being carved out of shell which was most common. You also see cameos carved out of lava, coral and ivory.
As you describe the material it is probably bronce or another gold coloured material. This is often seen on Cameos from the first part of the 1900s. It is a lovely piece of heirloom however cameos are for sale on a very regular basis and the most expensive cameos are the ones with a silver or gold mount. This cameo dates from the first quarter of the 1900s.

The estimate provided is for a well-advertised specialised online jewellery auction, where I believe the cameo has the best chance of realising its fullest potential. However, there is no measurement for the sentimental value you might attach to the cameo brooch. Retail "asking prices" can be higher and vary.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions. I’m happy to help.
Thank you

Christina porta Sep 08, 02:17 UTC

Hi, thankyou so much for that!
So I was wondering, obviously it's hard to know exactly how old it is, but if you were to estimate, how old do you think the piece is?

Sabrina vinther Sep 08, 19:13 UTC

Sorry about not mentioning the age. I will add that to the appraisal.

Kind regards

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