California redwood tree table

Mar 03, 2020. 03:53 UTC
California Redwood Tree table
United States of America

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Original California Redwood Burl Tree table (Huge) approximately 75L x 22W Height 17inches foot of table original stump of treehouse completely finished Very Beautiful piece of furniture. View a similar item on EBay & Etsy that sold for 28k


My friend who was original owner had the table made when she lived in California From the trees that grow there

The specialist needs more information
Answered within about 14 hours
Mar 03, 17:28 UTC
By Delia

Good afternoon, LG,

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry. It is important to keep in mind that the prices quoted on Etsy and Ebay are RETAIL prices whereas the values Mearto provides are FAIR-MARKET prices for auction purposes.
That said, I would be interested in seeing the links to the Etsy and Ebay sites to compare your table with those. In the meantime, I will check recent auctions to see what Calif Redwood tables of comparable size have been bringing lately.


Delia Mar 03, 17:46 UTC

Also, is it possible to get a photo of the table taken from the side, so I can see the profile?

Lg cooper Mar 05, 22:17 UTC

I am trying to attach a another picture of the redwood tree table so you can view
But I don’t see how to attach it the email you sent me

Delia Mar 06, 12:13 UTC

You have to attach it to this inquiry; you can't do it through the email. But if you continue to have problems let me know.

Lg cooper Mar 07, 02:27 UTC

I attached 2 more images of redwood tree table for your review

Delia Mar 08, 12:46 UTC

I really do need to see this from the side, taken fairly low to the floor so I can see what the base looks like.
Also, can you attach the link to the tables you've seen selling for $28K?

Lg cooper Mar 09, 03:13 UTC

I am attaching a price from eBay & Estsy as well as pictures from bottom ot table

Lg cooper Mar 09, 03:19 UTC

Sent photos from EBay & Estsy with prices as well as bottom burl stub and legs of redwood table

Delia Mar 09, 16:28 UTC

I dont see the photos from Ebay or Etsy - can you attach the link? If not, I'll give a value without them but should caution that recent auctions of California redwood tables of similar size are not bringing anywhere near $28,000.

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