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Mar 26, 2021. 05:26 UTC
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This vase is very rare because it was made of porcelain, bronze, & paint, many years ago during the Chinese Dynasty, 3rd/4th Century BC. This vase is also in good condition for its age. Research:


This item was purchased in a little shop in the USA.

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Mar 26, 16:13 UTC
By Leah I.

Fair Market Value

$50 - $75 USD

Insurance Value

$125 USD
What does this mean?

Thank you for contacting Mearto. This is a vessel in the style of ancient Chinese bronzes. It has many of the traditional motifs seen in Chinese bronze vessels, like interlocking geometric patterns.

Replications of bronze vessels are common and it is likely that your piece is from the 20th century, based on condition and style. Cloisonne is not used in authentic archaic bronzes, only in later reproductions.

Below I have added links to auction hammer prices and pre-sale auction estimates of pieces similar to yours. I also have added a link to an authentic bronze like the one you linked to. In this one, you can see the bronze surface design clearly. I have also included some links to cloisonne bronzes from the 16th -18th centuries. The cloisonne work on these is more detailed than more recent reproductions.

Based on this information, the Fair Market Value of this item is between $50 and $75.

Hammer prices:

$20, very similar to yours

$70, very similar to yours

Unsold auctions, with estimates:

Est: $80-110, very similar to yours

Est: $63, very similar to yours

Authentic 13th century B.C., see bronze pattern:

Bronze and cloisonne replications from 16th and 18th century (prices are listed as lots, not for the individual pieces):

Kirk tillery Apr 07, 07:55 UTC

Thank you for taking the time to evaluate this item.

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