Jul 07, 2018. 11:23 UTC

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Box decorated with two openings each slot contains an ancient manuscript length of 3 meters. Decorated with gold and sapphire


From Syria there is a church in the Old City

Answered within about 1 hour
Jul 07, 12:50 UTC
By Klaus
Presumably not genuine

Thank you for submitting your item for appraisal. This is eitner, as you described, looted from a church in Syria, which would violate international cultural protection laws and would be illegal to own or to offer. But the good news is, that these "thora scrolls" are modern fakes of current production. These fakes come in a wide variety, scrolls, books, boxes, etc. There is no market value to it. Fakes have no value. If you would offer the scrolls as "antique", you would get into legal trouble. I would strongly advise you to ask, before you do your next purchase. We are here to help.

Obeed salam Jul 07, 13:28 UTC


Obeed salam Jul 07, 13:28 UTC


Obeed salam Jul 07, 13:29 UTC


Obeed salam Jul 07, 14:06 UTC

She is 1200 years old. She says false

Obeed salam Jul 07, 14:09 UTC

You are liars. You do not know anything

Obeed salam Jul 07, 14:28 UTC

I suppose it's original

Obeed salam Jul 07, 14:29 UTC

how much is it .

Klaus Jul 07, 15:13 UTC

I have seen very many of these fakes in the past years. They are manufactured in Syria and offered in Turkey. There is no value to it. Try to avoid buying similar in the future.

Obeed salam Jul 08, 07:02 UTC

I paid you for telling me to price it as a original

Klaus Jul 08, 19:20 UTC

No such thing existed in history, therefore no "original" exists. This thing was made to deceive you. Return it to the seller.

Obeed salam Jul 09, 05:04 UTC

You do not know anything

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