Beautiful rare asian vase

Sep 22, 2017. 05:20 UTC
Beautiful Rare Asian Vase
United States of America

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Ceramic vase that is about 20 inches in length and about 7 inches in diameter. It is a vase with a Japanese warrior that is outlined with beautiful beads. The vase is also pained with gold leafing and has exquisite detail. The bottom of the base has a number 5 painted on the bottom and with four backwards three's around the outer edge of the bottom.


I found it at a yard sale and knew it was worth something. I do know that before 1891, items imported into the U.S. were not required to be marked with their country of origin. Effective March 1, 1891, the McKinley Tariff Act mandated that all goods have to be stamped with country of origin. So this vase may be from before 1891.

Answered within 10 days
Oct 01, 19:22 UTC
By Merlyn Haunstrup-Clemmensen

Fair Market Value

$75 - $100 USD

Insurance Value

$175 USD
What does this mean?

Dear collector.
Your vase is Japanese Satsuma but yours is in typical export quality made around 1920 and brought home maybe an american G.I. after WW2.

Danielle gorbet Oct 02, 01:23 UTC

I understand that this is a typical satsuma vase, but I cannot find anything with the same markings as on the bottom of this vase. I've searched the Internet worldwide and I've seen the same markings over and over again. And actually I found out that particular style is called moriage.

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