Asian foo dogs

Apr 14, 2021. 23:13 UTC
Asian Foo Dogs
United States of America

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about 3 inches wide and 4 inches long



Answered within 2 days
Apr 16, 21:45 UTC
By Leah I.
The specialist needs more information

Dear Judy,

Can you tell me anything more about where you acquired these or how much you paid for them? I haven't seen pieces like these.


Judy messer Apr 17, 21:36 UTC

These are from an estate of Howard and Lois Kimel. They had offices around the world and were well traveled. I'm liquidating their estate and the interior designer said she thought these were worth a lot. I don't have any other information that this.

Judy messer Apr 17, 22:27 UTC

We also have some similar figurines on horses that may be the same material and looks like the same colors. But again, I can send more photos just tell me how.

Judy messer Apr 17, 22:28 UTC

I'm just going to add them to the foo dogs.

Leah i. Apr 18, 10:47 UTC

Were you able to add more photos? I see you added the horse figurines. If it's still not working, I will find out.

I'm also going to ask other specialists here if they can identify these pieces. I just haven't seen ones like this. I could try to give you an appraisal based on sculptures, but I don't think it would be accurate necessarily. Let me talk to the team. If we can't resolve this, we do offer refunds.

Judy messer Apr 18, 15:58 UTC

I took more photos and will load them now. But is there a way to do more than 4?

Leah i. Apr 19, 03:01 UTC

Hi again Judy,

I talked with the other Asian art specialist here. His inclination is that they are recent pieces, made for the tourist market. I tend to agree with him, because of the unfinished look, the glazing, and the surfaces. (We looked at the foo dogs and your other three recent submissions titled 'Asian figurine') I am also still unable to find pieces that would give me any guide for determining their value. I know that you acquired them from an important estate and were told they may be valuable. I don't think that I can give you any more information to confirm that, and my appraisal would be in line with souvenir prices. If you'd like, I can go ahead and complete the appraisal as such, but I don't think that would be useful for you. If you want to just get a refund on the submissions, you can write to [email protected] You'll be asked to give a reason for requesting a refund, so you could just say that you don't agree with the appraisal. Regardless, please let me know how you'd like to proceed.


Judy messer Apr 19, 14:35 UTC

Thank you for trying. I will pursue this in another way.

Leah i. Apr 19, 15:11 UTC

Sure, I hope you are able to find out something.

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