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Feb 26, 2021. 03:17 UTC
Asian art
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Mar 01, 12:44 UTC
By Leah I.
The specialist needs more information

Dear Barron,

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry. I see two different paintings in the images you sent. One is a street scene and the other is a landscape with palm trees. Which one are you interested in having the appraisal done for?


Barron leinhieser Mar 01, 14:41 UTC

I upload the correct picture and deleted all others thanks.

Leah i. Mar 01, 15:34 UTC

Great, thank you

Leah i. Mar 01, 16:05 UTC

This is an oil painting by the Thai artist Noparat Livisddhi, who also went by the name Noparat Livisit. He was born in 1932. I am including a link below to biographical information.
I am also including a link to the 2018 auction results of a painting he made that is similar to yours in subject matter.
Livisit’s paintings have been sold for between $200 and $600. A large framed work like yours should fall at the upper end of that range. The Fair Market Value of this painting is between $450 and $550.

Similar painting


Barron leinhieser Mar 01, 16:17 UTC

Can we do another picture?

Leah i. Mar 01, 16:50 UTC

Sure, but you'll have to submit it for a separate appraisal

Barron leinhieser Mar 01, 17:05 UTC

Ok submitting now.

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