Antique scroll

May 04, 2021. 18:07 UTC
Antique scroll
United States of America

Japanese art

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I have sent you an inquiry via a translator. Thank you for your understanding. We are trying to determine the historical and possibly market value of the work we have recently acquired through the sale of real estate. The theme work is a large scroll (about 190 cm x 40 cm) here in Tampa, Florida. The scroll was purchased in Japan by the previous owner, but he don't remember it because he was old(over 90years) so I didn't know exactly when and where he bought it. It is estimated that it was purchased in Japan sometime in the 1970s. I have attached a photo of the work. Large Japanese characters are hand-drawn with a black brush on the scroll. It may be a high-quality print, but I believe it is hand-drawn. My Japanese friend translated the letter and said "Hideyoshi." The scroll itself is made of high-quality paper edged with tawny cloth and string for hanging. It is in good condition except for wrinkles such as long-distance flights from Japan and long-term storage. I'm trying to determine whether this work is original or a copy of something. Market value is not that important because we want to know if this work is historically important. Thank you very much.



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