Antique hand illuminated page on thin lambskin.

Jan 05, 2019. 00:27 UTC
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Hand illuminated page on very thin vellum...lamb skin


Inherited along with several other manuscripts, some very large. This is about 5x7. The size should be discernible from the ink pen included in the first photograph.

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$200 - $600 (United States Dollar)
Answered within about 11 hours
Jan 05, 11:51 UTC
By Georg

Dear Dallas,

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry. So that I may best assist you, can you please upload a few better images of the illustration of the praying monk and some details of the surface of the letters.

With kind regards,

Dallas cheek Jan 05, 14:08 UTC

I hope these will suffice. Parts of the manuscript are quite worn. This includes the picture and some of the letters. The side of the vellum sheet looks as though the page was once in a book. On the less worn parts the letters feel pretty smooth but still feel slightly risen. I did find one note that the sheet was bought in France in the 20’s. I hope the photos and additional information helps. If necessary, I can remove the manuscript from the frame and take more photographs.

Dallas cheek Jan 05, 14:31 UTC

Oh, the gold parts of the picture, letters and decoration are still fairly iridescent.

Dallas cheek Jan 08, 01:45 UTC

Have I given you enough for an appraisal or do you need unframed photos?

Georg Jan 08, 16:58 UTC

Dear Dallas,

Thank you for the additional images and your patience. The presented object is an illuminated manuscript of the 14th or 15th century. We have here one page of a liturgical manuscript which has an illustrated detail. This detail shows a monk in praying position. Sadly this saint or monk is not to identify because there are no more attributes of other hints to the story behind this image. These "Missale" are used during the mass in cloisters.
This piece is in good condition and there are no serious damages visible.
An estimation would be between 200 to 600 USD.
This estimation is based on actual recent past recorded auction sales of comparables. Retail "asking prices" can be higher and vary.

With best regards,

Dallas cheek Jan 08, 20:56 UTC

Thanks Georg!

Georg Jan 09, 09:08 UTC

Dear Dallas,

You are very welcome!

With kind regards,

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