Antique effanbee doll

Dec 04, 2019. 20:38 UTC
Antique effanbee doll
United States of America


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I picked up a very old doll at an antique store. The back of her neck says effanbee and appears to have a year on it as well, but the year is too faint to make out. I believe her head and limbs are composition and her body is cloth. There is some chipping/cracks on her head. Her eyes open and close and they are either blue or green and her skin, lips, hair, and eyebrows seem to be painted. I measured her height and I think she’s either 16 or 17 inches, but that probably isn’t and exact measurement. Her head and arms can swivel.


I found her at an antique store in Galena, IL. I don’t know who owned her previously.

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