Antique brooch.

Jul 12, 2020. 15:43 UTC
Antique brooch.
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I have what appears to be a brooch that is quite old. The metal is silver but I cannot find a mark. I think it may be silver plate over brass. The stones appear to be agate. The brooch is 2 3/4" across and weighs 11.6 grams. There is a very heavy patina on the silver. Each of the dangles has what might be images underneath the tarnish. The dangles are very smooth and seem to be a higher grade of silver. If the dangles are some sort of photographic image could they be restored? I need assistance with identification, dating and value. I wish to sell this item.


I bought it at a flea market for a dollar.

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Jul 14, 10:06 UTC
By Francesca Garvey-Hughes

Fair Market Value

£30 - £50 GBP

Insurance Value

£80 GBP
What does this mean?

Dear Richard,

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry.

Firstly, this is a lovely piece for a dollar! I believe this is from around early 20th century, it has an Art Nouveau feel to it, however I do not think it is from that time. From the images provided, I believe this may well have been part of a larger piece at one time in its life. The pin fitting the the reverse looks more modern than the piece, which points to it being a composite piece or the original pin may well have just been damaged. The stones look to be paste or enamel, the colour is slightly too uniform to be agate. I cannot make out any photographic design in the drops, it may well be the way the metal has tarnished.

As the piece doesn't have any hallmarks it's hard to say what the metal is without handling the piece. Like you said, it could well be silver plate or silver, as it's tarnished just as silver does. I would say this is a piece of costume jewellery, and would probably sell we in a dedicated costume jewellery sale.

A fair market estimation for this pearl necklace is around 30 - 50 GBP. This estimate is based on actual recent past recorded auction sales of comparable items. Retail asking prices can be higher and may vary. I believe this lovely brooch would easily achieve within the estimate provided.

Do let me know if you have any additional questions. Many thanks!

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