Angels Oil Painting

Jun 04, 2018. 23:50 UTC
Angels Oil Painting
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I have a 39" X 27 1/2" oil painting of 3 angels by an artist with the name of George H***. Since I don't have much else information on this painting so I will try to include as many photos as possible.



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Jun 06, 18:32 UTC
By Nora Curl

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$20 - $100 USD

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What does this mean?

This is an antique, early 20th century large sized painting, measuring 39" x 27.5", that depicts 3 putti, or winged cherub angels, trying to start a fire in a cold and snowy landscape setting. The painting is signed George Hirt and dated 1915. This is not a listed artist, nor was this done by an academically trained artist. This is executed in a naive manner, and based on the large size, may have been used for a traveling vaudeville show or wagon act of sorts. The estimate is based on actual recent past recorded auction sales of comparables. Retail 'asking prices' can be higher and vary.

Van richardson Jun 06, 22:44 UTC

Thanks Nora, I was hoping for something different but understand your analysis.

Nora curl Jun 06, 22:47 UTC

You are welcome

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