Ancient china antique

Dec 09, 2019. 10:23 UTC
Ancient China Antique

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The height is 21.5cm and width is 16 cm


I bought this at a local antique shop

Answered within about 20 hours
Dec 10, 06:23 UTC
By s.k. Breider

Fair Market Value

€30 - €50 EUR

Insurance Value

€80 EUR
What does this mean?

Dear Bernard,

You have a pouring vessel or teapot with a underglaze red decoration of flowers and a ''mythical'' bird. I believe its a modern copy. Underglaze red is rare because a few ateliers in China could control the process. In many cases the red was burnt into brown. The 18th and 19th century examples who are done in a good way are quite expensive. Underglaze red was better done in modern times and therefor it is a goal to make them ''antique'' to earn some money I guess. The biscuit, unglazed bottoms are alway's harder to judge and therefor used often on modern copy's. The black baking spots and gray colour are on the stand but also inside the bottom.. Its really overdone. The whole bottom has the same gray colour. This is done by purpose. What you also have to check if you buy an pot or vase; look inside with a flashlight. Even with a lid there should be dirt in the pot. New ones look quite fresh and clean inside. Its not a 'hard' evidence of a modern piece of course but if you doubt and the pot or vase is clean inside I would not buy it. Value is purely decorative.

Bernard ch'ng yih liang Dec 10, 07:41 UTC

Thank you so much for your advice This looks almost the same as the Yuan Dynasty Phoenix pot ,one was found in bejing 2nd skirt when the MRT project was carrying on ,the other was found in Xinjiang.
Red was really hard to control at the olden days as overheat the color will dissapear and if underheat the color became brown.Is only plus mins by 10 degree. Celcius of burning 1250degre celcius.At that time ,thermometer was not invented yet They depend on eyes to see and experience to judge the temperature.
Thank you so much.How I hope I can have your ability to judge an old or a modern piece .If you have any good books or article can share with me Thanks again

Bernard ch'ng yih liang Dec 10, 07:41 UTC凤首扁壶&oq=凤首扁壶&gs_l=mobile-gws-wiz-hp.1.0.35i39.11008.16868..17978...1.0..0.644.1440.0j1j5-2......0....1.......8..35i362i39j46i362i39j0j0i5i30.x3aqL3ZRlw8#imgrc=PRz6cQ_wVPOdbM:

S.k. breider Dec 11, 06:40 UTC

Go to trustworthy dealers and take things in your hand. Ask 100 questions. My best learning process was loosing money :). If I buy something I start to investigate and learn from it. There are we-chat groups and also facebook groups with discussion sections. Good books are around but I did not read much of them. You need to take 10.000 pieces in hand..

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