A mocking eagle bird porcelain box

May 08, 2020. 01:01 UTC
A Mocking Eagle Bird Porcelain Box


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I have a Porcelain box that resembles the American Eagle ones online but is sadly, unmarked. It is smaller than a shoe box ( half the size ), is rectangular, and has a painting of the look-a-like "old spice boat" on 2 sides with pink carnation like flowers in the other 2. The porcelain lid has an oval knob on the top and is fancily painted with pink designed borders with hues of blue and red and gold colours . The background colour is white and inside is all white as well. It is unmarked at the bottom except for the spiraled indent at the bottom (looks like a bicycle wheel spiral).


I bought this item at our local MCC Store, as it resembled the A. Eagle porcelain boxes that I used to know of long ago, growing up.

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