A landscape

Jan 17, 2018. 23:08 UTC
A landscape
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A dozen years ago, we bought a few paintings from elder couple from Reading (Berkshire UK) . Simply to beautify our new rented house. One of them hung for 15 years in the home of my parents, now we have own home, and so the painting returned to me. Always we wondered from which place the scene of landscape may be coming. I insisted always this picture was painted in the style of J.Constable (Dedham House definite description - so Suffolk .. Because the back of the image read * DEDHAM OR DURDHAM .CLIFTON DOWN HOUSE, BRISTOL OR BRITOL -propably where this painting hang early. I would like to to know what is in the image and who could be its author and of course that has any value. On the picture frame is a lot of descriptions, but English is not my first language and the lack of matching facts contained therein and the need for clean, is impossible for me to read- any way any locals can not help me to read this descriptions too... may be in other language. I think that many details can also be noted on the painting itself ,especially using magnifying glass . I can only confirm the picture is from the 18th century but on the frame is also the date of 13.12.1467 .. and also many other numbers, letters ..Few months ago we X-ray the painting and in the corner is somebody face ( looks like Pop from 16CTR.. :).I can see that the image was preserved (canvas glued to another canvas), on x-ray probably you can see some stamps, but it was taken in a hospital so it is not clear . Thereis a great deal of over paint . Dimensions: 17.5in(44cm) x 20.5in (52cm)


bought 20 years ago .

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Jan 18, 14:48 UTC
By Nora Curl

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£400 - £600 GBP

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£1,000 GBP
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This is an 19th century painting, or later 1800's, oil with a plein air landscape depciting the area of Clifton Downs in Bristol in the UK. The Downs were primarily used as grazing fields until the 19th century when it became a popular area for the wealthy to build enormous and grand country estates. It would certainly behoove you to work with someone associated with the Historical Trust in Clifton Downs to see if the Hadrian's Column type structure could be identified as well as any history on a possible former home named Dedham or Durham House. The title on the backside is likely more what is being depicted and not where this was hanging; or it could be both. I see the light graphite inscriptions, however they would really need to be examined in person to decipher as it is challenging by photo here. The estimate is based on this being an unsigned oil painting of an area in the UK and uses actual past auction records of comparables.

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