A bronze buddha figure with inscriptions on the back 15cm

May 12, 2019. 09:03 UTC
A bronze buddha figure with inscriptions on the back 15cm

Buddha statues

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the height is 15cm and has inscriptions of the back if u need more detailed pics or info please let me know


Yves siebers antiques from Germany but lost the papers and they need I'd number to find it as was long time before.I ask ms. Tanja Fritz from siebers antiques house and she answered me as far as she can remember, the enroller was a collector from south Germany but No further information available. Maybe the law of personal data.

Presumably not genuine
Answered within 1 day
May 13, 18:20 UTC
By Klaus

Thank you for submitting your item for appraisal. This appears to be a modern 20th century decorative tang style copper alloy / bronze Bodhisattva statue, bearing the "date" "made at at the tenth day of tenth month of the sixth year of Wǔ dé", carefully applied layers of patination, not authentic.

nikolas kolyvas May 13, 20:21 UTC

dear sir
I.like to.sent u close up pics as the pagination dont looks applied from close.
Also inside there is a pagination and azurite .....

nikolas kolyvas May 13, 20:28 UTC

Also maybe that helps my info was that The date suggests 6 year of Zhengde. 

The Zhengde Emperor  26 October 1491 – 20 April 1521) was the 11th Ming dynasty Emperor of China between 1505–1521.

nikolas kolyvas May 14, 08:42 UTC

dear sir I upload more pics The patina isnt appliee we check it many times in hand Also depicts tang buddha

nikolas kolyvas May 14, 08:51 UTC

Tang dynasty Emperor Gaozu
sakyamuni buddha

Klaus May 16, 15:04 UTC

The base is clean cut with a metal saw, no verdigris there. This doesn´t make sense. If this really was excavated verdigris should be at the base too. I wish you the best of luck with your next purchase.

nikolas kolyvas May 17, 11:38 UTC

sorry but I dont understand...
the base and inside has verdigris too...
much more inside as the base is partially cleaner or from touch to the place where it was. Next about saw sorry about but is nonsense.

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