Stunning czech antique plates

Nov 27, 2019. 23:24 UTC
Stunning Czech antique plates
United States of America

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Made in Czechoslovokia; authentic (with makers marks) 9 plates measuring 11 inch diameter. In family for 50 years; purchased by my father, now deceased, in estate lot. Kept on plate rail. Never used since acquiring.


Unknown. My father, an antique collector by hobby, bought these in the 1950s as antiques and kept them on a plate rail.

$800 - $1,200 (United States Dollar)
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Nov 29, 17:16 UTC
By Delia

Good afternoon, Sally,

These are really lovely plates in the style of those made by KPM, or Koenigliche Porzelan Manufactur, which was made in Berlin. Makers marks would have been impressed and typically were applied before the final firing glaze (and termed 'underglazed'); the gilt bell-shaped mark is an overglaze mark and is likely that of a retailer (I have combed my porcelain books and can't find who it might have been). The independent republic of Czechoslovakia was created in 1918, so any porcelain that says "made in Czechoslovakia" was made after that date.

Except for Wirkner, who is known to have worked for KPM, I am not finding any porcelain decorators named Hüttl; Schmidt; Poculus or A Dörr, either in any of my extensive library of books on European porcelains or online.

Based on the photographs and information provided, and subject to examination, you have:

A set of Nine Bavarian Hand Painted and Parcel Gilt Cabinet Plates
made in Czechoslovakia, 1918-1930; bearing retailers bell-form mark underneath.
Each depicting Classical figures against a brown ground, with cobalt rim
Comprising, signed by: (3) by Hüttl; (2) by Schmidt; (1) each by G. Vogl, Wirkner, Poculus and A Dörr.
Each 11 inches diameter
$800-1,200 (represents a fair market value for auction purposes; retail or asking price may vary).

Please let us know if you have additional items to appraise, and thank you for using Mearto.

Sally arsenault Nov 29, 18:14 UTC

Dear Delia,
The 3 examples pictured show how the plates are signed by various makers. 3 are signed by Hüttl; 2 by Schmidt; and one each by Wirkner, Poculus and A Dörr.

Sally arsenault Nov 29, 19:01 UTC

Delia, Do you have an appraisal? Thank you

Sally arsenault Nov 30, 01:07 UTC

Thank you. A collector helping me with clean-out of my parents’ house casually remarked that the plates were really special, and “authentic.” When I asked him what made him say that, he indicated the bottom back edge, saying, “These have the maker’s mark.” But I cannot see anything below the glaze that he may have been referring to—just the obvious stamp and, on front, different names glazed in gold. What would it look like?

Delia Nov 30, 20:17 UTC

If the impressed marks were not filled in with blue, green or red glaze, they may be VERY difficult to see (and only if viewed at a raking angle). there were a few porcelain manufactories in Czechoslovakia in the early 20th Century, all with different marks. You can Google "early 20th Century Czechoslovakia Porcelain Makers" for some of the names, which will show you some of the various marks.

If he didn't point out the specific makers mark, his comment seems a bit odd to me.

Sally arsenault Nov 30, 22:20 UTC

He did, but I was hurried. I just made a mental note of where he was indicating, to look later. But couldn’t see anything.

Delia Dec 02, 12:55 UTC

I'm not sure how much more I can add to this, Sally, without having the plates in front of me. They are quite lovely and seem to be in good condition - if you opt to sell them through auction, you might look for an auctioneer with a porcelain specialist who will know what to look for. Good luck!

Sally arsenault Dec 02, 13:00 UTC

Thank you! You’ve been so generous with your comments—much appreciated

Delia Dec 02, 17:52 UTC

Always happy to help!

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