4/4 size-joff glitter geigenbaumeister german violin (1940?)

Nov 09, 2018. 03:13 UTC
4/4 Size-Joff Glitter Geigenbaumeister German Violin (1940?)
United States of America

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I'm not sure of the specific measurements. Possibly in the area of the standard measurements for a full size violin. 23"H x 4"6/8W (middle-center width)x 1.5"D


Seller states he bought the violin at an estate sale and is selling it for $350. I'm interested in purchasing this violin if it's a quality violin and if the tone is mellow and rich. Determined by playing. Looking to upgrade my violin [label Profesor Paluch-German] to a good sounding, intermediate violin.

$600 - $900 (United States Dollar)
Answered within about 3 hours
Nov 09, 06:12 UTC
By Klaus

Thank you for submitting your item for appraisal. This appears to be german violin from Mittenwald. Acccording to the label made by Josef Bitterer (1902-1977), most likely mid 20th century 1950s.
There are very few auction results available. But someone who was able to become a Geigenbaumeister ( master craftsman) in the center of violin production must have produced excellent musical instruments. I saw retail prices reaching up to more than 2500 USD. For obvious reasons I can´t tell you whether the sound is mellow and rich. I would advise you to give the seller a call and listen.

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