19th century samuel bagster's the comprehensive bible - unknown edition

Jun 08, 2021. 22:43 UTC
19th Century Samuel Bagster's The Comprehensive Bible - Unknown Edition
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Roughly 31.5 x 26 x 9.5cm.Bible is complete. Does not feature a date anywhere, but similar editions were printed around the 1830s. Hard black leather binding, no ornate designs or clasps. Front page states it is a Bagster Comprehensive Bible, although the bagster logo does not feature a design around it like other comprehensive bibles. Quality is good, pages are yellowed with age (duh) and there are inperfections everywhere, but there are no tears or major damage. Two dark green bookmarks. Full front page text: "The Comprehensive Bible containing The Old and New Testaments, according to the authorised version, with the various readings and marginal notes usually printed therewith: A General Introduction, containing disquisitions on the genuineness, authenticity, and inspiration of the holy scriptures,-the various divisions and marks of distinction in the sacred writings,-ancient versions,-coins, weights and measures,-the various sects among the jews: Introductory and Concluding Remarks to each Book: Parallel Passages from scott's commentary;-Canne's bible;-Rev. J. Brown's self-interpreting bible;-dr. Adam Clarke's commentary;-and the english version of bagster's polyglot bible, Systematically Arranged: with numerous Philosophical and Explanatoey notes, indexes, etc." (hope that helps)



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